Thursday, June 2, 2016

Some Say The Movie Is Worse Than The Book, But....

       I think that the Giver was good as a book and a movie.  The book was really good in its own way, but the movie is also good because it puts its own twist on the plot.  I think that they were both really good.
       The book was good because it is really detailed, and you really get to understand the characters really well.  Also, you get to understand the plot, problems, and the life that they are living.  The book really went deep into the the memories, and how the story developed.  There really wasn't any main enemy, but the conflict was more the life they were living.  You don't read many stories where there is no person as the conflict, but I really feel like The Giver did a really good job.  You can really understand the problems of what the communities are doing to the people.  The story was really thorough, and you can really understand that people are comfortable with their life.  Although, you can also see that they are some people that can see the problems, and they are ready to do something about it.  Although, to me there is some confusion about how the people were able to control how the people worked, and thought.  I was kept thinking to myself how unrealistic it was, and kind of scary if that ever came true.  The other thing that I had trouble with was this kind of barrier.  This "force field" kept all the memories, and the world on the outside.  How could this be true, and quarantine these people into these communities that they don't want to escape.  I just wish that they could see the problem that the were living along. Although, the movie was much different.
       The movie was pretty much the same but some little changes.  Instead, of there only being the conflict of the life that they are living, the problem is a real person.  The chief elder is the conflict, and is thinking that she is doing the right thing, and doesn't care what happens in between.  She tries to take away anything that can conflict with her plan.  The people standing in her way was The Giver and Jonas.  These two people were, in a way, delinquents.  The other thing that was different is the plot kind of changes.  I guess you can say that there is a little more love involved.  Also, there is less memories, and problems in this movie.  Jonas' friends are more involved by getting different jobs.  These new jobs made them bigger characters inside the story.  Such as Fiona, she became a Nurturer so that she could be in control of the babies like Gabe who Jonas steals.  Also Asher, who played a pilot who was ordered by the Chief Elder to kill Jonas when he escaped.
        These changes didn't make the story better or worse.  The movie was a creative twist on the book.  While the book, was a little more detailed and unique.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Human Elephants (Because elephants never forget)

Summary Sentence: This story, " The Landscape of Memory ", is all about people who can remember everything since they were born, and the story digs deeper to see if this ability is either a blessing or a curse.

Reaction Sentence: I can see both sides of this ability being good or bad, and I think that it is more good because people with this ability can be a big help to society.

Thoughtful Question: Is this ability , to remember everything, a blessing or a curse?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ghost Town

Summary Sentence: In the story Pedestrian And the poem The Forecast people have stopped going outdoors, and only watch TV and spend time n their electronics.

Reaction Sentence: I think that these stories explain how this world could turn into something bad, and horrible, and I think that we need to make a change and prevent it.

Thoughtful Question: Why do some people even want a world like this?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Summary Sentence: In this chapter, Jonas finds his way to Elsewhere through many endeavours.

Reaction Sentence: Personally, I don't like endings that can be interpreted two different ways, so I didn't really like the ending.

Thoughtful Question: Did Jonas die, or did he survive and go to the house?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Losing Hope

Summary Sentence: In these chapters, Jonas escapes the community after stealing Gabriel, and they have got away from the search planes, but they have run out of food.

Reaction Sentence: Personally, I don't know how starvation feels, bu through this book,  Jonas is going through a lot of pain, and the hunger is so bad that it keeps him up at night.

Thoughtful Question: What will Jonas find along his journey, and what dangerous things will they encounter?

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Summary Sentence: In this chapter, Jonas and The Giver form a plan to get out of the community, and you find out who The Giver's daughter was.

Reaction Sentence: I think that it is a good idea to escape the community because I think there needs to be change.

Thoughtful Question: Will Jonas get caught?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Release Isn't What We Thought It Was

Summary Sentence: In this chapter, Jonas finds out what a release really is.

Reaction Sentence: I think that it is just wrong that they would kill people for making mistakes, and I think that people should have to make mistakes so they can learn from them.

Thoughtful Question: Do the Elders know that they are killing people when they release them?